Vbridge consulting India pvt ltd

VBridge consulting india pvt ltd
VBridge consulting india pvt.ltd was established in the year 2011, with a commitment to cater satisfaction and offer effective solutions to its client base

Your Bridge To Success

VBridge consulting india pvt ltd was established in the year 2011, with a commitment to cater satisfaction and offer effective solutions to its client base. At its initial stage this company was working as a consulting firm which used to provide permanent recruitment solutions to medium and small software companies.

This company was formed by a team of dynamic and dedicated professionals with an aim of bringing intelligent and reliable, customer oriented solutions in the IT sector. With its true efforts, this young and focused company has grown from a recruiting firm to a high end Consulting Company within the time span of just 2 years.

This company gives a paramount importance to customer satisfaction. With a commitment to develop long-term relationships with its clients, VBridge offers its services in following fields:
• Strategic Consulting
• Training & Development
• HR – Consulting

Apart from building customized software for business needs this company is also involved in providing consultancy for bringing technological solutions in the form of feasibility studies, evaluations, validation of concepts, etc. This type of services has helped its client base to drive revenue and promotes exponential growth in their companies.

With a consistent and reliable approach, VBridge consulting india pvt ltd has remained successful in exceeding expectations of its clients by developing practical solutions to their acute business problems and minimizing the risks associated with their projects.

For more information related to jobs and placements you can visit our blog as well Get Placed Now .


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42 thoughts on “Vbridge consulting India pvt ltd”

  1. Shikha Mehra says:

    Hey all,
    I am shikha , I was too tensed after my graduation as i was not having any job .
    One of my friend told me about VATI Consulting and Luckily , they helped me and their consulting services were the best and I did my training as per the consultant and that helped me a lot for getting my dream job .
    Thanks to Vati Consulting

  2. Raghav says:

    like other students i was also very frustrated about my job….after graduation ….
    but thanks to Vbridge who helped me out in a bad time…….

  3. akash says:

    VBridge consulting havecompletely changed my life . They have given me very good jo opportunities bbecause of which I am in a very reputed company.

  4. deepak says:

    They are expert in providing HR solutions and help their students and clients get placements.

  5. Pradeep Sharma says:

    Hey all,
    I am Pradeep , I was too tensed after my graduation as i was not having any job.But VBridge consulting have changed my life.Now I am in very reputed company.

  6. janit says:

    I have heard about cloud staffing.
    I want to know more about it and do they provide this service or not??
    What exactly helps in cloud staffing?

  7. Radhika Agarwal says:

    I am having a firm in Manesar.They provided a perfect recruitment solution at the time of hiring.

  8. Sham Jain says:

    I need 20 Mechanical engineers for my firm.What is the process by which Vbridge Consulting hire? Can anybody help me in this?

  9. Karika Raj says:

    Vbridge Consulting hires people on the basis of their experience,they take the interview of the people and hire people according to their experience .

  10. Shilpa Tyagi says:

    The whole concept of consultancy is to provide easy access and proper assistance to employers , job seekers etc.

  11. Karika Raj says:

    Sham you can go through this link if you are looking to hire engineers http://getplacednow.com/placement-consultancies/509/vbridge-consulting-india-private-limited/

  12. Rohit Sunamy says:

    I have done B.Com (ohns) from delhi university. I am interested for a data analyst or research analyst job. Can this consultancy help me in this ?

  13. Rohit Sunamy says:

    I have not got any lead regarding this?? Should i contact the consultancy directly ??

  14. Vikas Gupta says:

    I have done B.Sc.IT from Gujarat University. I am interested for website development job whit PHP language. Can VBridge Help me??

  15. Vikas Gupta says:

    what kind of job ….
    they are providing by the way

  16. Saurabh Jain says:

    is there is job for B.tech cse ?

  17. Harish Kumar says:

    lot’s people are here….
    seems vbridge consulting working great….

  18. amit says:

    what does a consultancy actually do? Do they only provide placements or something else as well??

  19. Aditiya Roy says:

    Hello, I had completed my B.E (CSE). Is there any job related to it ? Plz reply !!

  20. priyanka says:

    Yes Aditya.. there are various off campus placements going on.
    You can even consult vbridge people.. they will surely help you in getting a job.

  21. Karika Raj says:

    Hey Aditya !
    Add your resume here,the concerned coinsultancy will contact you !

  22. Karika Raj says:

    Nice consultancy. I was placed through them only.

  23. Rohit Sunamy says:

    I have total experience of 3 years in marketing and sales. I want to switch my job now.
    Which all companies can I consider for applying?

  24. Sham Jain says:

    Rohit you can post a resume here and the concerned company will contact you .

  25. John Wallson says:

    Yes Rohit you can directly post the resume here in Post resume form 1
    i did the same

  26. Searching for job says:

    I have done b.tech in computer science stream & looking for a job. Plz help me.

  27. Offering of Vbridge Consulting says:

    Do they only deal in consultation or something else as well??

  28. B.tech Fresher says:

    I am a B.tech fresher and i have done a jave course . Is there any openings?

  29. Provided me a satisfactory job. says:

    I have completed my BCA and was seeking a job in IT sector. When I got know that Vbridge consultancy provides placement service then I forwarded my resume to them and afterwards I start receiving calls for interview in companies I tried my luck there and got selected in a big software company. i felt very happy to get my offer letter.

  30. Working as a software developer says:

    I am a software engineer but from past 1 year I was working as a data entry operator due to not get selected in my field , tried in many companies but nowhere I get my proper selection. I was so disappoint then after knowing about vbridge consultancy I went there for assistance they helped me to achieve my interest based job. now i am very happy & satisfied. Thanks to build my career vbrigde consultancy.

  31. Trained By Vbridge says:

    I joined vbridge consultancy for personality development and training purpose as I was unconfident during interviews. And really it worked and helped me in getting my job.

  32. Seeking a job. says:

    I have done MBA in HR but still m fresher I am unable to report my weakness that whats that thing with whom I am beating by. Could anyone suggest me plz where should i go.?

  33. Priya says:

    Its difficult to trust placement agencies these days but this blog and the comments promising.

  34. Ekta says:

    I have done B.Tech in IT and have experience of more than 2 years in IT Infrastructure.
    Want to know better options to switch for a better package.

  35. Annie says:

    One should be very careful while choosing a consultant, some of them are mere frauds.

  36. Mona says:

    I have heard a lot about placement consultants, but have always been afraid by the fake job promises they make.
    But my sister got placed through this consultancy. They helped her a lot while the whole process.

  37. Neha says:

    This is certainly a nice consultancy with good services and assistance for jobs.

  38. Shikha says:

    Employment in India has shown a drastic turn and its good that software companies are hiring more people.

  39. Pankaj says:

    I have posted my resume with this consultancy and after a day I received calls for interview from company. It’s a good consultancy provide you the immense opportunities to grow up in your career.

  40. Raunak says:

    Doing software engineering course it is going to finish and this month and I have started searching jobs now. Also I have registered me with vbridge consulting. Now waiting for their response to come from there.

  41. Ravish says:

    I have done core java one year course from and institute now looking for a job. I am connected with various consultancy but never received any good response from anyone. Would like to analyze this one more.hope it will be far better.

  42. Shivam Jain says:

    Had an remarkable experience with vbridge . Got job in a good company as a web designer.designer. Thanks for your great assistance.

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