Vati Consulting Pvt. Ltd. – Get Promotion

Vati Consulting Pvt. Ltd. - Get Promotion

Vati Consulting Chennai A Superb Guide

Vati Consulting Pvt. Ltd. A Perfect Consulting Organization

Vati consulting Pvt Ltd claims to be one of the premier recruitment process outsourcing and consulting organization built and managed by an experienced team of professionals who have served leading organizations worldwide. Vati consulting Pvt Ltd focus on Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) helps in delivering quality. Their ability to manage multiple projects and deliver the best. They offer an integrated portfolio of customized services that include Recruitment Consultancy, Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) and Temporary Staffing.They will guide you at their best .

For more information related to jobs and placement related consultancies keep on visiting our website Get Placed Now .


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29 thoughts on “Vati Consulting Pvt. Ltd. – Get Promotion”

  1. vikram says:

    Sharing of Business Ideas
    Recently we had received a call from a BPO who were dealing in the sale of Tour & Travel packages across Europe. So we had to train those agents in such a way, so that the dispersal of the information is not only authentic but of such a nature that they bring the clients closer as well. Due to this our name has also grown in stature & today we act as a guide to so many companies. This has been possible because Vati Consulting helped us.

  2. Kashika Vohra says:

    Vati Consulting made Outsourcing easy
    Vati consulting helped me in getting a job in HCL infrastructures.They outsourced me into HCL.
    They provided 10 days training and then a final test by HCL people.I am happy with my job now

  3. mahi says:

    Vati Consulting has really helped me a lot to improvise my skill for getting a good job in IT Firm.

  4. Pradeep Sharma says:

    I am looking for a job in .net and dba . I have 2 year exp …….have any vacancy related to my profile.

  5. Shikha Mehra says:

    Professional assistance of Vati Consultants
    I am a senior HR Manager of a company manufacturing cosmetic products for men. We have several outlets in Delhi. Seeing the success, we planned to open some more outlets in the NCR region as well. So we needed trained executives for the same. I had contacted Vati Consultants to provide me 10 candidates for this job. The USP of them is that they also conduct interviews to get the best candidate. This made final selection process easy.

  6. Shikha Mehra says:

    @pradeep sharma.. you can contact Vati Consulting for any current openings they have in your field

  7. Shilpa Tyagi says:

    Consulting Vati was the best Decision
    I am the Director of a Chalk manufacturing company. Our business was going well & so we were planning to set up another plant in the NCR region. For this we needed some Marketing Executives, on a virtual platform who would take care of all the work related to Marketing. So after enquiring with several people came to know about Vati Consultants. We spoke to them & within a week’s time the interview of three candidates was conducted through Skype. Today the smooth working of our second branch is taking place due to Vati Consultants.

  8. Vikas Gupta says:

    Thanks to vati consulting for helping me in finding my dream job.

  9. Saurabh Jain says:

    I was very much worried about job due to my bad financial condition. At that vati consulting helped me lot for getting a good job.

  10. Harish Kumar says:

    I am looking for job in .net having 1 year experience. Will you please provide me vacancy detail if any?

  11. Anuj Kumar says:

    Thank u vati consulting for giving me placement in good company.

  12. Seema Gupta says:

    I am an HR of a MNC; we were looking for some dedicated staff with good experience. So, some of my friends who were also HR in other companies advised me the names of some placement agencies. Upon thorough check, I narrowed down to Vati Consulting Pvt. Ltd. thought of Vati Consulting to post the jobs related to available vacancies in my organization and I must mention that the response incurred was truly great in terms of fetching capably and qualified candidates.

  13. Bhavya says:

    I have heard a lot about outsourcing these days..even i received a call from a consultancy regarding placements.. They also deal in Resource Process Outsourcing.. They hire us at their own payroll but we have to work for some other company.
    I want to know about where all Vati consulting outsources people ??

  14. Roshni Grover says:

    I am an HR in a well reputed firm and believe me the services provided by Vati consulting is upto the mark .

  15. Shilpa Tyagi says:

    Vati joining our efforts to grow systematically
    I am in charge of a big Retail Store. Suddenly we started facing lot of problems in the customer handling department. Since, we were short of manpower, so we wanted a stabilized solution to our problem. One of my superior asked me to speak to Vati Consultants. After discussing our obstacles with them, they told us that software will be made which will analyze the procedure to be followed by my staff members. Their effort proved to be very effective. Today, the number of complaints has decreased to a great extent.

  16. akash says:

    Yes vati consulting has brought up a drastic change in life!
    Because of the efforts of this consultancy I am able to fulfil my dreams.

  17. deepak says:

    Outsourcing is a major mode of employment these days.. but this has has negative effect as well. The salary they offer while outsourcing is quite less than what the company direct payroll offers.

  18. Rohit Sunamy says:

    Is vati solutions and vati consulting the same company??
    because my brother has got some training from here and then was given proper job assistance.

  19. Karika Raj says:

    If you are still unemployed then you should towards Vati Consulting,it will open new doors for your career.I am self experienced.I was not able to get a good job so with the help of Vati Consulting I am able to find the most suitable job for me .

  20. Alice Deans says:

    Best Virtual Manpower from Vati Consultants
    Leading a small machinery of manufacturing Tractor components is not that easy. But still I had managed to run it for a long period of time. Recently the work load had increased as the company had told us to manufacture the same components in large quantities. For this we needed some tool designers. A subordinate of mine told me about Vati Consultants as the best source of Virtual Employees. With their presence, the project was a success & it would not have been possible without them.

  21. Harish Kumar says:

    My brother has completed my L.L.B last year.. He want to practice in my core field. I want him to apply for legal associate. Any links or suggestions??

  22. John Wallson says:

    I had done interior designing from a reputed college but couldn’t find a job in my field but at that stream.At that time Vati Consulting helped me in finding a perfect job for me .

  23. akriti saxena says:

    First job is a very crucial one in one’s career.

  24. Mayank Yadav says:

    Placement or Job.. is a very crucial matter and people need to take a choice wisely.

  25. Aditiya Roy says:

    My junior told me about Vati Consultants as the best source of Virtual Employees. With their presence, the project was a success & it would not have been possible without them.

  26. Sham Jain says:

    Yes Vati Consultants is the best in this industry.I had lost their contact details .Can anyone provide me their contact details?

  27. Sandeep Kakran says:

    There are ample number of consultancies but its the student’s smartness to judge which one is genuine. Vati is certainly a genuine one. I know 3 of my friends who got placed through them.

  28. Akshay Narula says:

    There is a huge change in off campus and other job opportunities in India now.

  29. Maria Jennifer says:

    I gave a skype interview, it was a different experience all together.
    Though i did not clear that interview but still i got to learn so many things.
    I got that interview call through vati consulting only.

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