– Changing your job will never be a headache - Changing your job will never be a headache is a company that deals specifically with employment or careers. – Changing The World is a company that deals specifically with employment or careers. They provide information regarding the available job vacancies in different sectors and industries. paid services has gained ample attention through provision of end to end courses and recruitment aids which include resume writing, LinkedIn profile writing, International resume, cover letter samples and a lot more. Dedicated towards bringing together jobs and prospects, paid services is a good source for searching over 2, 20,000 dream jobs in 14,000 companies.

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19 thoughts on “ – Changing your job will never be a headache”

  1. janit says:

    Getting job was never this easy
    My college was not in my home town. It was in a different state. I was much tensed about my placement as I wanted to get placed in my hometown. One of my college lecturers suggested me to upload my resume on as they provide all the information regarding the job we are looking for in a certain place. And as they say, I got many job opportunities from there. Now I am happily working in a MNC in my hometown.

  2. priyanka says:

    Shine has made my career shine
    Job changing is not an easy task especially when you hardly have 1 year of experience. However, due to some financial issue I had to change my job. One day I saw the advertisement of and uploaded my resume over there along with my contacts. Within a week, I had several job opportunities dropping in my mailbox. After having selected in 2 companies, I chose to go for the one that was near my residence. Truly, has made my career shine by helping me at the right time.

  3. inder says:

    Searching For Talent Becomes Easy with
    I am the senior HR with a company & I had been told to get a Trainer for our organization to train the fresh recruits. Since I got this job due to the efforts of, I was very much fascinated by them. So I had requested them to send me a talented Trainer. Later on I was applauded by my president for this work. No wonder they are like a strong arm for HRs, whenever we are having crisis.

  4. Neha Dubey says:

    Getting Promotion Due To A Course By came to my rescue.I am working in a reputed Institute, in the accounts department. My work is mostly limited to taking care of the proper & timely deposit of fees, late fines or any other form of payment which the students have to make. So a friend of mine had told me about the various kinds of courses run by I immediately went & met them. They told me about IFRS, which sounded very lucrative. Today I am so happy that I have been promoted in the same Institute. Today I am the head of the whole Accounts department. I am liable to take care of the foreign students as well. Thank you

  5. Abhay Bhatt says:

    Changing your job will never be a headache
    I was facing some difficulties in my job. But I was not getting any good job due to which I couldn’t quit from my previous company. With family responsibilities it becomes quite difficult to sit idle at your home and then look for a new job. I had updated my resume over different job portals but the result was not satisfactory. Finally I got in touch with and they have sent me several job options. I got the opportunity for job interview and finally ended up joining a with a good firm.

  6. The job came as a surprise gift
    My son is in the final year of his MBA. Seeing the tough competition in the market, he was very worried regarding his job. During the final days of his semester I secretly uploaded his resume on Within few days there were many job choices available as per his qualification. He went for the interview round and got selected in a reputed company. He still says that this was the best surprise ever.

  7. mahi says:

    Get an Enhanced Resume
    I have a good experience in the IT sector. I am staying in Delhi, so I came to know that a job fair is being organized in Pragati Maidan. For this I had an upgraded version of Resume formulated by This helped a lot as they know exactly what the companies are looking for. Due to this step taken by me, I got an opportunity to work in Wipro, as a software Developer.

  8. Sunil Sharma says:

    A service which increases your worth resume writing services have made my resume so attractive by highlighting my academic qualification and professional attributes. This has really helped as now my resume is being picked by top companies. It has attracted many recruiters. Right now I am in the interview process and have surety to get a job with good package soon.

  9. Anil Kumar says:

    Recently I came to know about the “Psychometric Analysis Program” of Bharat Employment. Since long time I was feeling the need to improve my personality. This program has actually helped me a lot. It has validated my certain attributes and has boosted up my confidence.

  10. Amit Shah says:

    Sanskrit & Shine giving me my dream job
    I did my PGT in Sanskrit, but I was not able to get a good job related to my field. So just for time being I was giving tuitions to some of the students. One day while surfing the net I came across So I posted my resume. After few months I got a call from there that an opening is there in a Govt School in Delhi. I was very thrilled with the opportunity. fetched me the job of my interest.

  11. Rashmi Mittal says:

    Giving a new meaning to resume
    I am working as a Team Leader in Retail Store for 4 years, with a reasonable good salary package. But still I wanted a good salary & promotion as well. One day while discussing the same with my friend, I came to know that Shine.Com creates good profile on LinkedIn. Advantage being that good recruitments are being done through this platform. So I got my LinkedIn profile created from them. Though I dint expect it to be so useful but it is actually the present day platform for recruitment. I got the job as senior Sales manager in another Retail Store.

  12. John Wallson says:

    An upgraded Logistic work
    I have been working in a logistic company for the past 12 years as a Senior Manager in Gujarat. I was not willing to carry on like this, so started looking for new avenues. A friend of mine had advised me to go & have a chat with the executives of The reason for this was that they have a very large pool of companies with whom they have been empaneled with; this also ensures a chance to get a new job. So I spoke to them & even posted my resume on their site. After a few years I started getting a lot of calls from Shipping Companies as well. Today with God’s grace I am working in a shipping company with a very good salary. It has happened due to my experience & also due to

  13. Ashu Kumar says:

    An upgraded Logistic work
    I have been working in a logistic company for few years. After having the experience of almost 3 years I started to explore new avenues in this sector. A friend of mine had advised me to go for . I immediately posted my resume on their site. Having a large pool of companies it has given me a quick response by giving many interview calls from different companies. Now I am successfully placed in an MNC on the post of senior manager. I have recommended this to many friends as well.

  14. Shikha Mehra says: a store house of Man Power
    I have a small manufacturing unit. We make floor mats for cars. Recently we acquired a big contract. For this we needed a couple of craftsmen & cloth experts. I had taken the services of various Recruitment Agencies from the inception of my business, but was of no use. So I went to, as they are the pioneers in providing good result. Very soon I started getting potential candidates for the job. Today with the assistance of & my employees, I have been able to successfully deliver all my projects on time.

  15. priyaarya says:

    I am an HR of a MNC; we were looking for some dedicated staff with good experience. So, some of my friends who were also HR in other companies advised me the names of some placement agencies. Upon thorough check, I narrowed down to thought of to post the jobs related to available vacancies in my organization and I must mention that the response incurred was truly great in terms of fetching capably and qualified candidates.

  16. deepak says:

    I get daily updates from for my profile related jobs..are these useful ??

  17. Working successfully as an Assistant Manager says:

    I got placed in an MNC through, today I am so happy with my professional life. I consider myself lucky that I got the right guidance and the right job, the credit for this goes to I recommend all the job seekers to get in touch with in order to enter into a progressive and rewarding career.

  18. Got Job because of Shine says:

    I completed my btech in 2013 . after that I took a gap of 1 year as I was preparing for MBA. but because of some financial problems I needed a job on urgent basis. seen lots of adds and all of shine on newspapers and on internet . so I posted my resume on shine.after that I got many calls from different different companies and gave interviews. in the end got selected in a company . so uploading a resume on shine works for me . I m fully satisfied with their service.

  19. Resume Expert says:

    Every profession has a different resume writing style, understand this and very specifically design resume. I am a physiotherapist and after completing BPT I needed to apply for the same post. I was so confused how to format a doctor’s resume so without taking any chance I took professional resume writing service of shine and I am satisfied with the resume writing. It is quite a simple process in affordable cost. They inquired thoroughly about my educational information and other details, about my requirements via a phone call. It was just like a telephonic interview:P. So according to me one has to consult such good resume writing instead of writing in your own way. As a resume is your first impression on the interviewer.

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