Permanenthiring is a consultancy which at first comprehend the prerequisites of the organizations. – Your First Job Provider is a consultancy which at first comprehend the prerequisites of the organizations, great then after that present applicants resumes appropriately customized for that necessity, with the intention that the organizations have the ability to unmistakably see, what they are searching for. This approach by  is altogether different then the Industry standard approach of “Resume Writing“, where some expert content scholars essentially re-positions the resume and change a couple of statements and begin bringing in “Professionally Written Resume”.
Three conditions that are neccessary for getting a good job are :-

1. Creativity

2. Communication skills

3. Commitment

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37 thoughts on “ review”

  1. Rani Verma says:

    Job hunting made easy
    I was working as a private tutor in Noida. I had even completed my B. Ed few years back with good marks. But still I was unable to get a good job. So I started speaking to some of my friends & relatives about it. After some time I heard about permanent Hiring. I went to them & discussed my job prospect with them in detail. After a week, I came to know that a job opening was available. Achieving a very nice job in a school, I was very satisfied.

  2. Karan Batra says:

    Resume Handled with Care

    I have almost 25 years of experience as an Operations Head in the various companies, like Export House, Pharmaceutical & Telecom Company. So I was looking for a job where I could work as a consultant. I surfed through net & asked some of my friends as well to suggest for any good opportunities. Soon a junior of mine told me about Permanent Hiring. They use expert in that field, to write the Resume for you. So I had approached them to help me out. Soon after getting my resume done from them I got a job in an international company.

  3. Kashika Vohra says:

    Permanent Job by Permanent Hiring
    My brother was a fresher and could not get a good job because of his resume, he took help from permanent hiring in Resume writing. They even helped him in job assistance.I was really impressed with their services.

  4. Shikha Mehra says:

    Permanent Hiring: evolved my skills

    I am working as a General Sales Manager in a leading insurance firm. But few years back the story was different, I lacked in confidence due to some personnel problem. So a friend of mine who was an HR & used to take the services of Permanent Hiring, advised me to go there. I spoke to the experts at Permanent Hiring & had a few sessions with them, where they counseled me, to enhance my Leadership Skills. This is the result why I am able to do better in my job.

  5. Bhavya says:

    Permanent Hiring java training
    My brother had completed his B Tech & was placed in a company. He lacked sound knowledge and had to leave the job. A friend of mine had advised me to get Core Java training from Permanent Hiring.So with a fruitful 2 months of rigorous mentoring, he got placed in a medium sized company. Today he is slowly & steadily becoming efficient in his work.

  6. Shilpa Tyagi says:

    Counseling and placing
    I have done bachelor degree in Law & Master’s degree of MBA (Insurance), I was placed in a leading insurance firm. I was not being able to do but my knowledge in this field was good. My Head asked me to seek the advice of Permanent Hiring. Their counseling helped me a lot & today I am working as an assistant to an Advocate in this field.

  7. mini says:

    I was doing B.Tech from a leading institute in Greater Noida. I was in the final year, so there was lot of anxiety in me like other students regarding where to apply to get a suitable job. Our Institute conducted a seminar of which was also a part and we were given a brief about job scenario. The tips and tricks shared by the team proved to be very helpful in constructing a good resume and ultimately acquiring a good job.

  8. deepak says:

    Permanent Hiring fostered my career
    I am working in a logistic company, where I also need to market about the USP of my company. I was not very good in negotiating with the clients. So I searched the net & found that Permanent Hiring has an ocean of success stories to ensure that the results coming out from here are worthy. So when I joined them & told them about my problem, they came up with the solution of giving me soft skill training. I must admit that after a few weeks of training, I started feeling confident about my work. Today I am able to raise the bar of productivity, which could not have been possible without Permanent Hiring.

  9. Roshni Grover says:

    Yes I have used their service of resume writing and yes they nailed it!
    their skill of resume writing is highly appreciable and as a result of it I got my first job in a very good firm.

  10. Raj Thakur says:

    I am a graduate with a distinction. But didnt know why I have to forward my resume in various companies and never get a call back. One of my friend told me to look into your resume it might not be that much interesting as it should be. He also advised me to rewrite resume from Permanent Hiring. I followed his advised and foemated my resume from Permanent Hiring and really saw the difference. Now I am working in a good firm with a good package. I will advise all job seeker to look at their resume before sending to any recruitment process.

  11. John Wallson says:

    Looking for a job in I.T company, i have one year experience in IT infrastructure in HCL

  12. Abhay Bhatt says:

    Career counseling from Permanent Hiring
    I possess 5 years experience of working in a reputed company dealing in designer dresses. Due to marriage I had to quit the job, but now wanted to re-start my career. So, I thought it would be better to first consult a proper consulting firm, to get more information about the job scenario in Fashion Industry. I consulted Permanent Hiring after reading about them in detail. They gave me some tips of not only brushing up with the latest trends in the market, but also briefed me of presenting innovative sketches of the latest fashion in the interview session.

  13. Raghu Singh says:

    My sister is pursuing C.A and its her 2nd year of articleship. Now she wants to take dummy. I want some suggestions that is it correct to leave your practice. Personally I don’t support this.

  14. Anjali Sinha says:

    My cousin is pursuing BBA and is an average student.
    He is confused about joining a sales job or something else?

  15. Pavant says:

    My brother consulted permanent hiring and he got a positive response.
    He has not been placed yet but its only 5-6 days.. they are providing proper job assistance.

  16. Maria Jennifer says:

    If anyone is approaching any consultancy, they should be smart enough to take right decision.

  17. Rohit Sunamy says:

    I am changing my job after every 6 months. I am into data entry.
    I want a stable job now.. any help or suggestions plz??

  18. mahi says:

    I wanted to re-start my career. So, I thought it would be better to first consult a proper consulting firm, to get more information about the job scenario in Fashion Industry. I consulted Permanent Hiring after reading about them in detail. They gave me some tips to crack the interview and arrange few of them for me.

  19. lavina says:

    Permanent Hiring making me rise
    I am running a company, it means lot of things need to be done to keep the employees motivated & ready for the job. Many times I have also witnessed that they are feeling lethargic. So I decided to go to Permanent Hiring, for showing me the right path. Their advice of improving Leadership qualities was very beneficial, especially now I am able to give better sermons to my employees. This has resulted in higher growth rate of the company.

  20. amit says:

    when i consulted them for switching a job in marketing, they helped me through the whole process.

  21. Gourav Sharma says:

    One should actually consult a nice placement agency while changing their job.

  22. Karika Raj says:

    Do they have any contact number or website?

  23. John Wallson says:

    Yes they do have but I guess one can con tact them here as well but I am not so sure

  24. Mayank Yadav says:

    Thank you for the recruitment in reputed organization.

  25. Karan Batra says:

    Good services, I like Permanent Hiring. Thank you for help.

  26. Tara says:

    I got recruited in a well organized company, So thank you permanent Hiring.

  27. Placement at the best Place says:

    When, I finished the schooling from a very prestigious school. I wanted to work with a renowed firm. So, I made a smart choice of consulting permanent hiring. They have a very good result of ensuring that the students do get placed with the reputed company. Today, I am placed successfully with a good company and I want to thank permanent hiring for the great service.



  29. The team of the Permanent Hiring is well learned and experinced in the field concerned. says:

    The team of the Permanent Hiring is well learned and experinced in the field concerned. Freedom to choose job is your constitutional and human rights. It helps to achieve the same.

  30. thanks for placing me as a php developer. says:

    thanks for placing me as a php developer.i like ur service very much..thanks for ur support……

  31. I am new to join Permanent Hiring says:

    What all placements do they deal in ?? I am an IT engineer and completed my graduation last year. Looking for a job in Delhi NCR..

  32. Thank you Permanent Hiring finally i got job in TCS bangalore. says:

    Thank you Permanent Hiring finally i got job in TCS bangalore. Today i am so happy that all creadit goes to I joined permanent hiring on 12 DEC 2015 and they provide best java training. I learn here full basic java and here teachers are very well supported.

  33. I am looking for a job in Core Java . says:

    I am looking for a job in Core Java . I have 2 year exp …. have any vacancy related to my profile please inform me at

  34. Excellent Services says:

    Excellent Services by job consultancy with quick employment opportunity.

  35. Completed Java training course through this institute. says:

    Completed Java training course through this institute. Fees for the course is Rs.9000. Duration of the course is 6 months. Trainer is very good explaining all about the program. I feel proud that I joined in Permanent Hiring.

  36. it is 100% genuine consultancy service. says:

    I joined Permanent Hiring in the month of november and got placed in the month of february….it is 100% genuine consultancy service.

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