Net HR Group – Acting As A HR Generalist for an IT Firm


Net HR is an ISO 9001-2008 certified company which offers diverse recruiting services. It mainly deals in training, employment services and end to end HR Management solutions whether permanent or contractual, in India as well as in Singapore. Segments of different industries viz. IT, Banking and Finance, Logistics and Engineering have been covered under its services. It does an excellent job in helping its clients in acquisition of right talent and provides quality service in terms of individual attention.


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14 thoughts on “Net HR Group – Acting As A HR Generalist for an IT Firm”

  1. Mohit Saxena says:

    Solving the Dilemma of the Student
    I have done my Graduation in B Com. My father also owns a Construction company. So since I had to help my father in the business, I was interested in pursuing higher course, from a Distance Learning Program. But the counseling by Net-Hr really helped me a lot in choosing the apt university to pursue higher studies.

  2. Aditiya Roy says:

    Acting As A HR Generalist for an IT Firm
    I am running a small recruitment firm, but few years back the professional of Net HR Group trained my employees, that today we are taking care of the HR work of a major IT firm. Due to this not only my work, earnings & stature has increased. But now more & more companies have come to me for a timely delivery of work efficiently.

  3. Yamini Gupta says:

    Net HR fetched me the desired job

    Net HR has made me love my job. Prior to this I was working in an organization but was not happy with the work environment and the nature of job. Net HR has brought me the placement opportunity in a big company, after evaluating my credentials and now the job I am doing is of my interest. Net HR is doing great job in the field of placement.


    My company was in need of certain staff who could work on contractual basis, so that we could fulfill the seasonal demand of our clients. To select and hire on contractual basis was a tough task till we came in terms with Net HR. It has not only fulfilled our requirement of desired candidates but also done it in the limited time period. Now onwards, we only give such contracts to Net HR.

  5. Anil Kumar says:

    Recruitment done

    I have an office comprising of 120 employees, we do assist lot of other companies for their software development & testing. With the expansion of my business I had to hire some good IT experts. I came to know that several leading companies outsource the hiring tasks so as to save their time and hire expert professionals. So, I thought to do the same and consulted Net HR. I was so satisfied by their work. Today, I have and ample number of expert people working in my company; fetching good results.

  6. Gourav Sharma says:

    Received great job opportunity in Singapore
    I had been working in an engineering company in Chennai for past 4 years. I was expecting promotion since long, but all my efforts have turned futile. So I was a bit disappointed of not being able to make a mark. But recently I explored the net & came to know that Net HR has professionals who give correct advice related to one’s career. So I met them & they informed me about a number of opportunities available in Singapore. So I even pursued a training program to be able to grab a great opportunity. Today I am working in a good company at a better position that the one at which I was earlier.

  7. Bhavya says:

    Got the job that I desired

    Today I am working as the director of a leading MNC company. I feel so proud in admitting the fact that it was only due to the sharp vision of Net HR Solutions that I got this opportunity. I forwarded my resume to Net HR Solutions after knowing that they are empanelled with large number of MNC’s. So they took my interview & sent me to the company. After few rounds I was selected. I would recommend their name to grab the best jobs.

  8. Shikha Mehra says:

    Net HR Solutions proved very helpful
    I was working as an HR manager in a BPO. It had been 3 years, but was not at all satisfied with the job. So I started searching for better avenues. During my search, I came across Net HR Solutions. I spoke to the managers over there & told them about my problem. Then after a period of 1 month, I got a call from a company for a position in HR. Today I am so happy & satisfied. Over here I also give training to the employees about how to interact with the clients & crack the deal. This was only possible due to the help given by Net HR Solution

  9. Maria Jennifer says:

    I was a bit disappointed of not being able to make a mark. But recently I explored the net & came to know that Net HR has professionals who give correct advice related to one’s career.

  10. Happy to deal with Net Hr says:

    We have commenced a newly business for which we were in need of hiring engineers who are eligible for the suited profiles as per our requirement I found Net Hr via email and we make call to the manager and fixed our contracted of hiring 20 employees. they took few payment in starting and assured us to delegate our employees with highly skills and they did the same. we are satisfied to contacted by net hr solution.

  11. Thanks to NET HR says:

    I was in searched of job on HR profile that had been possible by net hr which took me into their consideration and provide teaching and trained me to able to achieve my job and now I am working as HR Manager post in a company. How should I show my gratification even i am speechless. just would say Net Hr is great.

  12. Best solution of recuitment says:

    It has been been 4 years of running my website making business. Let me tell you dear friends the employees who are working in my company are professionalized by Net Hr solution. We had not need to lift any issue concerned with recruitment, net hr took all responsibilities of hiring and training employees as per the skills required.

  13. Good Company says:

    net hr is a good company for solving recruitment concerning problems and provides jobs training in IT sector and engineering with quality of service in terms of individual terms. It’s a good option for a businessman who requires bulk number of employees and that too fulfilled with skills.

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