Airport Wings Pvt Ltd

Airport Wings Pvt Ltd
Airport Wings Pvt Ltd
Airport Wings Pvt Ltd is a leading firm in this sector which is a government registered company under the Company Act 1956.

Indian aviation has a major scope for development which has created a vision for India to become the third largest aviation market by the year 2020 and is expected to be the largest by 2030. Owing to the high growth trajectory in the sector, many companies and institutions are coming forward to cater services and training in this sector.
Airport Wings Pvt Ltd is a leading firm in this sector which is a government registered company under the Company Act 1956. It provides aviation training and manpower services to the clients operating from Delhi Indira Gandhi international Airport which includes Domestic and International Airlines, Ground Handling Companies, Retails Outlets and Lounges.
By providing training in Ground Handling Operations, Wings has become the unique organization in providing competitive edge in manpower solutions to its clients. It also offers Airport Ground Staff professional training that focus on hardcore aviation and related skills required in this sector.
Success story of Airport Wings Pvt Ltd :
• With a team of highly experienced personnel in the aviation world, this firm has achieved reputed position in State-of-the-art training methodologies.
• In the year 2008-2009 Wings get associated with AIR INDIA SATS & Cambata Aviation and successfully handled their all training and manpower requirements.
• In 2009 Wings provided its finest assistance to AISATS in hiring and providing job based training to the first batch of 150+ candidates in Delhi.
Airport Wings Private Limited is associated with the reputed organizations which comprises Airlines, Ground Handling Companies, Retail Outlet and Lounges operating from Delhi International Airport where in it looks after their training and manpower requirements.
Training of this company is based on learning and developing job related skills. Candidates selected by Wings are offered with the opportunities after the successful completion of their Job Oriented Trainings at Wings.


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60 thoughts on “Airport Wings Pvt Ltd”

  1. Shikha Mehra says:

    They actually have good links with reputed Airlines and provide good jobs in this field.

    • Deepti Sinha says:

      I feel aviation courses are very commanding field these days because they are not only highest paid jobs but they are very extensive and practical. There are many institutes that provide training and placement for these jobs but airport wings is a renowed one in Delhi. Many people have joined it and are benefited from them. They have huge opportunities for freshers as well as experienced. I registered my daughter for training and she is performing well and hope she will get selected too as we have witness many student have got success from this training.

  2. John Wallson says:

    Yes my cousin is working in IGI airport ,as they provided recruitment for the position of ground staff .

  3. Karika Raj says:

    Do they have any contact source ?

  4. Sham Jain says:

    You can contact here in the search consultancy page

  5. vikram says:

    When I was also looking for a good platform to get a training to get into an Aviation Industry, I choose Airport Wings Private Limited. With a well connected business deals with the best airlines in the domestic or International arena, I knew the best decision was taken. Today I am working, as a Customer handling Manager for a Domestic Airline.

  6. Placement at the best Place says:

    When, I finished the schooling from a very prestigious school in Delhi. I was very fascinated with the job of working with top reputed airlines. So, I made a smart choice of joining Airport Wings Private Limited. They have a very good result of ensuring that the students do get placed with the reputed airlines. Their training modules include lot of realistic approach, which does boost the confidence of the potential aspirant. Today, I am placed as a successful ground staff in a reputed Airline company.

  7. A reputed name in training industry says:

    There is no doubt in the fact that Airport Wings is a very reliable and renowned name in the aviation industry. I enrolled my son in this training institute and today he is successful and progressing in his career. I am very glad that I have selected in Airport Wings to receive their training.

  8. Trustful Consultancy says:

    Aviation job is such a white collar job. Everyone is fascinated about such a great industry. I want to thank Airport wings for fulfilling students dream by providing a such a trustful service. It is one of the best placement service provide in aviation sector.

  9. Overall very good says:

    They take your telephonic round of interview and check your skills and ability and other documentation requirements. And once they are satisfied they offer you the job and fulfill their promise. So It’s Genuine. I got my job after all their procedures. Overall very good.

  10. Choose Airport Wings says:

    Working as a ground staff was my dream which comes true only because of airport wings. I registered myself with airport wings and got a call for interview. First round was telephonic. I shortlisted in various stages of interview and got placed in a reputed airlines company. I am so happy and lucky that I made a good choice while selecting a placement company for aviation.

  11. Interview Queestions says:

    Hiiii friends, I am sharing some of the important questions which could be asked in interview. BEST OF LUCK .

  12. Best Consultancy for Airport Jobs says:

    When I was also looking for a good platform to get a job into an Aviation Industry, One name that stricks my mind is Airport Wings Private Limited. With a well connected business deals with the best airlines in the domestic or International arena, they provide the best consultancy service to the candidates. Today I am working, as a Customer handling Manager for a Domestic Airline and I am thankful to Airport wings and its whole team.

  13. Recommended for all aspirants says:

    hi everyone, if i have to give airport wings pvt ltd reviews then i must say it is the best consultancy. You can trust them as they are specialised in providing placement in this sector. Me and my brother had registered with airport wings and both got interview call. We both are placed in a reputed airline and are very satisfied with our job. So as per me it is recommended for every aspirant.

  14. Good Consultancy says:

    Airport Wings is one of the booming industry nowadays. but getting into it is still critical. Thanks to consultancy like airport wings that provide great assistance for placement. Now it become easy to join aviation industry by just registering yourself with such consultancy. They take your telephonic followed by face to face interview and if you qualify you will get joining letter.

  15. Easy Process says:

    The best thing about Airport Wings Private Limited is that they have a very good & sound knowledge of the requisites of the Aviation Industry. This makes it a more reliable institute in the country. When, I had joined this Institute after completing my graduation, the fusion of good ideas made me a better prospect for the job. This is the result that today; I am taking care of a lounge of an International Airline Company. It has all happened because the trainers were very sound with their Training Process.

  16. Find it good says:

    I registered myself with many companies for job placement. But the one company who responded nicely was the Airport Wings. They called me back within 2 days and took my small interview to know a bit about me. They didn’t find my answers appropriate and they suggested me to work more on some of points where my response was not upto the mark and told me that they will call me after 1 week. Initially I was depressed but then I start working on their said points. After one week they again called me and ask to come to office for other formalities and interview. I went there and gave interview and got selected for Ground staff services in a very known Airlines company. So as per me it is the best consultancy that not only provide placement assistance but also guide and councel us.

  17. Specialised in providing ground staff services says:

    I am working as a ground staff at airport. I gave interview through airport wings. They assisted me so nicely. First you have to register yourself and they offered you to give interviews with various airlines company. This is a specialised consultancy only for airport jobs specially for ground staff, so if you want to join in ground staff service this is the best institute according me. Satisfactory service.

  18. Genuine consultancy for airport jobs says:

    If a person has a scientific bent of mind, he can opt for a career in aviation industry for ex Pilot, Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, etc. and if a person is good at communication and interpersonal skills, she/he can consider a career as an Air Hostess or a Flight Steward. One just need to open its mind and apply in good consultancy for placement process. Airport wings is a genuine consultancy for all types of airport jobs specially ground staff service. So one must apply in this consultancy for get their dream come true.

  19. Mr says:

    Fake organisation..!! They just have little contacts with HR in airports and other places, which helps them in arranging interviews for you..!! And they will never return your money as they say..!! Don’t pay anything unless you get a job and you like it..!! Don’t encourage fake organisations and people..!! And most of the good comments below are just from their friends and families…!!

  20. Genuine as per me says:

    Finding a good consultancy now a days has became as much as tough as getting a job. If you are in contact with good and genuine consultancy that means your luck has worked. I want to work in ground staff services at airport. And really didn’t know anything about how to apply and what channel through to reach to my destination. Somebody has told me that airport wing is a good consultancy for avaition sector jobs. I visited thier office and registered with them. They helped me alot and provide
    lots of opportunity for giving inteviews. Finally i got selected as a ground staff. So i just want to say that one should search out the best consultancy for a particular feild. It make your job search less hectic.

  21. Good for airport jobs says:

    As per me, in Delhi airport wings is the best consultancy for airport jobs. They are tied up with so many renowed airlines companies and provide us with better job options.

  22. Admirable Consultancy for aviation..! says:

    Hi, i am from Kerala , i have completed my business management course but basically my interest to go with the aviation. I got know about the airport wings which assigns a greater opportunity to work with highly promoted company. They gave me some opportunity Because i am a fresher right now i have started with many interviews hardly it was the 4th interview where i got placed finally and very triumphantly. it’s a great thing of this company that i would lionize they never quit until their user won’t get satisfied with their assistance. I trusted them with best of my knowledge one of my uncle is also associated with this consultancy and earning a good salary. Undoubtedly i am totally inspired by them seriously..So as per me it is recommended for every aspirant.

  23. Great Consultancy..Hatts off to Wings says:

    Recently I have passed class 12 and was searching for careers in Aviation Industry,but could not find any institute,then my friend told me about Airport wings Pvt and it’s services.I followed his advice and I must say I was impressed by the services and by the staff.They helped me a lot.Now I can built my career in Aviation Industry.

  24. Impressive service.. says:

    I would refer it to anyone who wants to build career in Aviation Industry.It gave me my own identity.I would really thank the company for their support.Airport Wings Pvt Ltd is extensively networked.It provides various opportunity to the fresher to learn and become aware of the career options available in Aviation Industry.It’s one of the best place where you can learn and explore more.

  25. Aviation service provider says:

    I am working as a ground staff executive in an airline company. I did diploma in aeronautics and after completing my course I registered in From there I got addrss of airport wings which is a aviation service providing company. They provided me the opportunity to give interview in various airline companies. As I aready have a diploma in aeronautical engineering I got selected in first company I gave interview on a good salary. I am very happy now and suggesting all my dear friends who is interested in aviation sector to must visit airport wings.

  26. helps to achieve your passion in Aviation industry says:

    Highly recommended, it’s the best Leading Aviation Training & Manpower Service Provider.

  27. Impressive.. says:

    A bunch of us wanted to pursue training in Aviation Industry,but could not choose the correct path.Then one day while going through the newspaper I found the advertisement of Airport wings and then gathered all the knowledge of this training center and trust me that all us are very happy to be the part of airport wings.It has changed our life a lot.Thank you Airport wings

  28. one of the best leading company. says:

    Would refer this to everyone as they not only provide training but also provide placements. Love to be associated with it.

  29. my experience says:

    I want to say about this industry because my experience says a lot about Airport wings pvt ltd. Amazing leading company in aviation industry. I have completed course from this company and now m working as ground staff. I am happy with my job. Getting to know so much things here.

  30. SUSHANT MEHTA says:

    Aviation industry is in booming days now and to work with is just fill your life with colours. This industry never do any fake promises with you it is open from all sight because to work in an Airline company is not an easy job and to working there need a qualified person only who has some skills required by them.

  31. think about airline company says:

    To think about airline company is easy but to get into it is very troublesome. If you are true to your words really want to learn this fields just start preparing yourself be confident while communicating, English is mandatory for everyone there.

  32. sumita sarkar says:

    I want to share my experience on Airport Wings as this is the best company for Aviation course and job. Instead of placement they provide you all assessment on the concerning job in airline helps in train and motivate yourself from all obstacle. They teach you everything there what you should or should not…

  33. wonderful aviation service providing company says:

    I am really thankful to Airport Wings because they helped me to get a good job in the aviation industry.I feel that the employees of Airport wings are really professional and helpful. I am glad that my sister asked me to get in touch with this wonderful aviation service providing company.

  34. I am lucky to have airport wings says:

    I registered in many online job portals but i always got opptunity to give interview only in BPO or KPOs. I was so frustreated as wanted to join aviation sector after completing btech in aeronautics engineering, but i was not getting any job in my desired sector. Then i came to know about airport wings. It is a aviation service provider company through which i got an opportunity to give interview at airport for ground staff. I gave 4 to 5 interviews and finally got selected in one airlines company(I cant disclose the name) and i am very happy and feel lucky that i choose the right company for aviation sector.

  35. Best for Ground Staff Services says:

    I always wanted to become a part of the aviation industry, this was my dream since forever but I belong to a small town in Punjab so I didn’t know that how to move into this direction. Last year I went to a job fair and there I came to know about Airport Wings, it is a very well-known aviation service provider company. I contacted the concerned people and they explained me the entire process involved in order to get a job with the ground staff. I was so clear about everything that I managed to explain it to my parents also and somehow I convinced them to allow me to follow my dream. With the help of Airport Wings I got a good placement. I am so happy and I am so grateful to Airport Wings foe helping me throughout the procedure.

  36. BEST INSTITUTE says:

    My name is robin kaul and this is an awesome institute that has very friendly atmosphere .I have flown at a couple of institute previously but not so fruitfull somewhere donation was high or somewhere students are just a normal students not like the other professional students.. but Airport wings is best according to me. I have only had 1 lesson so far but I already feel like a professional . .

  37. Better than other says:

    At least this placement service provider is better than other online job portals who only provide vacancies for BPO and KPO only. If you are interested in aviation sector then you should register yourself with airport wings for various job options in aviation. You will get chance to give interview with various airlines companies.

  38. Very helpful proven. says:

    I am working in airways industry as a cabin crew profile I am totally satisfied with my designation and It happened with the assistance of airport wings because they provided me consultancy on over my skills and interest in the field and only with the help of the consultants of the airport wings i capable to do this job.

  39. Dream will come true soon. says:

    My interest is to go with an aviation industry as the people who are working there in the flight or in ground they are habitual of seeing flying of airplanes. And whenever I see any airplane in the sky I want to see this happening to be so close to me. want to join this industry and for that i have to meet with airport wings consultants to know the things about aeronautical industry.

  40. Will surely achieve my deam says:

    As I have never traveled by airplane in my life but it was my dream to visit in air once and to make this dream true I choose aviation industry to make my career enlightened.

  41. Airport Wings Do Never Make Any Fake Promises With Anyone says:

    I have seen one thing in my life that if you ever visited in aviation consultancy then you have noticed that the consultants shows you the high level dreams to join their consultancy that they would definitely comes true to your dream. But as per my experience with airport wings do not make such fake promises with candidate it provides placement service to the eligible person who have eligibility to perform well in this industry.

  42. Provide various opportunities says:

    aviation industry becoming a booming industry nowadays. It become so challenging to pass the interview of this field and here airport wings resolves such kind of queries and provide good training and opportunities to its holder.

  43. Good Consultancy says:

    Kirti86*****83717 Seconds AgoI given Interview at various airlines company via airport wings. This is really a good consultancy for aviation jobs. But they take long period of time to call you for the interview. I registed with the company in mid of november but they call me for the interview in decdember. I have given interview for cabincrew profile but result is awaited. So as per me this is good consultancy for jobs at airport but you have to wait for thier call.

  44. Perfect destination to learn about airline says:

    airport wings a good place to learn and grow your skills in aviation industry.. Provide good consultancy and training to everyone.

  45. Good Career maker says:

    Airport wing is a nice institute and job provider in aviation industry. They associated with the reputed organizations which comprise Airlines, Ground Handling Companies, Retail Outlet and Lounges operating from Delhi International Airport. So they can make your career in aviation.

  46. want to say thanks to airport wings says:

    I have taken the personality development classes from airport wings. Really it’s a best institute which train us on our skills. Their each session provided to me proved so beneficial for me. Due to which I would be to able to describe myself front of interviewer. My thanks to airport wings with best regards for their great assistance.

  47. got placement through airport wings says:

    I got placement in a reputed airline firm and it had possible with the help of airport wings that I am working as a ground staff executive for so long.

  48. nice experience says:

    I had such a nice experience at airport wings. They provided me very good training of aviation industry. After the course they provided me job opportunity. I am very thankful to them.

  49. best placement services. says:

    I really appreciate their way of training. Their courses are very good and the training I liked the most there.. Teachers were very good, . I recommend airport wings for aviation industry courses to many of my friends.. best part they provide best placement services.

  50. best placement services. says:

    I really appreciate their way of training. Their courses are very good and the training I liked the most there.. Teachers were very good, . I recommend airport wings for aviation industry courses to many of my friends.. best part they provide best placement services.

  51. Ritu says:

    Its really difficult to get a job at airport.

  52. Meetu says:

    Their training is actually good. My brother got placed through them.

  53. Jyothi says:

    As per me airport wings is a genuine consultancy and it not only provide airport jobs at IGI but other cities too. After completing graduation i sent my resume to many companies and online job portals and most of the times i got offer as a customer service execuitves that was also on very low pay scale. then i got to know about airport wings and registered myself with them. They called me and offer me air ticketing profile. They took my telephonic round of interview initially and then call for face to face. after clearing many rounds of examination i got a job at IGI airport. For whole thing i want to thank Airport wings that alteast they providing us opportuinities to work at airport. One thing that matters alot is your communication skill and knowldge rest thing can be done esily if you come in contact with a right job providing consultancy. So as per airport wings is genuine.

  54. Good for consulting says:

    As my connection with airport wings I opt this institute as it provides good consulting service in an airline industry.

  55. Good experience in first time says:

    I went airport wings for jobs training in the airways line as referred by one of my cousin. They put so many options front of me to choose one right and also they helped me to recognize me get my job as a cabin crew.

  56. Ankit says:

    When I was at my young age I always had a dream to work with an airline industry and after 5 years of having experience about this industry finally I got my job as a ground staff executive in an airways company through getting connected with Airport wings consultancy only since 1 years i am connected with this consultancy. they helped me to improve my weakness over strength that i could be able to achieve my dream job. My heartedly thanks to all trainers.

  57. Rudraksh says:

    Few days back I had registered myself with airport wings and from last 2 days I am receiving calls from airline companies. Now time has come to try my luck in achieving my career goal.

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