HR Companies Are Growing In India

Anri Solutions Consultancy

In India, the industry of HR services like Anri Solutions Consultancy  has been persisting for more than three decades now. Since 1992, the service sector in India has grown in prominence and has progressively emerged as the important aspect of the national GDP. Primarily driven by the IT/ITeS services, the industry on the whole has steadily matured both in the global as well as the domestic market. work.

Anri Solutions Consultancy

Outsourcing the HR services and staffing process helps to:

  • Simplify intricate HR processes
  • Perk up service delivery model through best practices
  • More resources to focus on core business activities
  • Enhance employees’ experience
  • Provide global standardization to remove errors and lessen the costs

As majority of the organizations are progressively outsourcing their entire hiring functions, HR services and staffing firms in India are expanding their operations for catering to the dynamic demand for recruitment process outsourcing (RPO).

With the current projection of Rs. 400 crore, RPO business in India is expected to grow at an astounding 40-50 percent each year for the next few years, firms such as Anri Solutions Consultancy are gearing up to attract new clients.

As the war of talent deepens, more and more companies are making a shift towards outsourcing their recruitment process work. The outsourcing model endows the companies with a cost-effective and reliable talent acquisition process, keeping the turnaround time low and helping companies to upgrade quickly when the business environment boosts.

In India, IT sectors are the key torchbearers for RPO growth. However, SMEs to large companies dealing in manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, banking sectors and telecom are also driving the demand. On the global front, multinational companies are progressively appointing a single RPO service provider across numerous locations, with India being one of the primary markets.

The requirement for solutions for intricate problems of advancement, development and professionalization is rousing the opportunity for the HR solutions industry like never before.


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