Tips to crack- NDA exam

Tips to crack NDA exam

A career with armed forces is considered to be the most respectful and dignified job in India. You need to crack NDA exam for realizing your dreams. However, it’s not an easy task to crack this exam and do take a lot of attempts. There is cut throat competition and you need to concentrate a lot on the curriculum to win the race. So must know the basic  Tips to crack NDA exam

Basically NDA exam is conducted in two apparatus one is written exam and other one is the selection board interview.

Here are some Tips to crack NDA exam

  •  Understand the curriculum

Before cracking any exam the golden rule is, to understand the total syllabus. What are the subject covered and how you can study them should be your main agenda. Basically, the written exam is multiple choice type and you need to fill your answer in OMR sheets. NDA written exam is divided in to three sections.

  1. Mathematics section
  2. English Section
  3. General knowledge section
  • Solving previous year question papers

Doing this exercise will allow you to peep and understand that how will be the paper. What are the important questions that are asked generally every year? Over the past few years there has been a very little change in the pattern of the exam. Previous year question paper act as a good practice material and when you give your actual NDA exam, then you will find it really easy.

  • Buy NDA written exam guide

Written exam guide will benefit you enormously. As through blueprint exam papers you will be able to understand the pattern and level of NDA exam. Through guides you will be able to solve the problem and get correct answers. Arihant NDA exam guide is considered best for preparation.

  • Shortcut for maths

There are many tips and tricks that will support you to solve the mathematics questions faster. These tips save a lot of time and you can utilize this time for other sections. Vedic maths and shortcuts are really one of the best ways to arrive at the correct answer. There are many books for this. You can choose the best guide available in the market.

  • Time management

Time management is a very crucial part for cracking any exam. Try mastering the technique of solving the paper within the time gap. Keep standards for yourself. Golden rule for cracking NDA exam is keep the watch aside and start with the most time-consuming part. Don’t waste time and energy on a particular question.  Keep a time limit for solving every section.

  • Negative marking

The probability of getting selected decreases in case negative marking. If there is negative marking in the paper, then better don’t answer any question for which you are not sure about the answers.

NDA is an elite organization in India and cracking NDA exam worth a try. Concentration and hard work is the key to success.


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