Tips to use Social Media to get a job after Long Career Break

Tips for job after career break

Are you struggling to get a job after a long career break? Are you annoyed continuously submitting applications and never hearing back from the employer, and you start assuming if there’s something wrong with you. Are you tired of filling the same details, creating new accounts, and posting resumes? There are many recruitment agencies like Gulf Placing Solutions that have developed first-rate working relationships with major international and home companies in the Middle-East and India. Here are some Tips to use Social Media to get a job :

  1. Get Direct Access

Hiring through social platforms is on the rise. Majority of the companies have long posted career listings on social platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and more. One benefit of applying for job on web is that you can see who posted the job opening and you get an opportunity to directly interact with the HR representative. This ascends the chances of you getting a call from recruiter.

  1. Enhance Your Chances Of An Interview With Referrals

Don’t presume that the recruiters are free to look at every application they receive each day, the reason why is it so important to be referred by someone. It brings on a high level of trust in a candidate as compared to the ones who just randomly walk in for the interviews. Social media platforms help you to stumble on a potential referral via your network, or get introduced to somebody through a communal contact.

  1. Join Right Groups

This is one more important approach to get allied with professionals in a certain field or company by joining their social media groups. Both the popular social handles like LinkedIn and Facebook have strong group features wherein you can participate in discussions with those who have parallel professional interests.

  1. Research The Hiring Manager

If you get a call from the hiring manager, that’s a big deal. Try to learn about the manager and the concerned company as much as you can. Take time out to explore information about the hiring manager you’ll be speaking with, right from their professional background to their key roles etc.

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4 thoughts on “Tips to use Social Media to get a job after Long Career Break”

  1. Abhijeet says:

    Social media is a very powerful platform today.

  2. Riyan sharma says:

    Whatever is stated above in this article describes my long struggling life truly.. I acknowledge this article. I got tired filling the details, post resume and creating new accounts in each online job portal. Sometimes I feel that m giving up from the life but at some point of time i realize what’s going wrong with me why m going in the wrong my friend helps me to encourage by his motivational thoughts. then i started exploring on net and also find this article which has meaningful tips.i am impressed by this article. will surely visit Gulf Placing consultancy for my career objective.

  3. Gulshan says:

    As we know that today world is getting more and more digitized from every aspect and this business is in booming days. It plays a vital role in the world of marketing and advertising. Good approaching article.

  4. Rjat says:

    Social media has a immense scope of adopting its line to get our career oriented.very nice article. When we had left the hope of getting anything from anywhere then only social media performs a vital role in the life of human beings.

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