SeekCareerz: Why Should We Hire You?


While interviewing the candidates, hiring managers ask several questions to gather crucial information for making the right hiring decision.However, the entire interview process is all about answering this significant question: Why should we hire you amongst the other well-qualified applicants?As per the, to close the discussion with a job offer, you should be prepared with a brief summary of top reasons to select you.

What is the purpose of asking this question?

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With this question, the interviewer is directly seeking points of differentiation from your background. This is where you get a fair opportunity to sell yourself. In such situation, you are on a hot seat where you have to talk about yourself in a very open and direct manner. Basically, the recruiter is interested in knowing that what are the defining aspects of your background that make you outshine. However, it is an open-ended question, so you can give multiple examples.

The best approach to attempt this question:

Focus your answer around key aspects like academic achievements, work experience, key skills etc. which distinguish you from your competitors. You cannot afford to make any mistake while answering to this question. So any claim you make needs to be backed with a proof or example that will reflect your fittingness for that position. Also, your reply should be focused towards meeting the employer’s needs, and not your personal needs.

An example of how to best answer this question for experienced candidates:

“Because I believe that I’m the best person for the job. Here’s why: I meet all the criteria that you are seeking for in this job be it the education, work/industry experience, skills etc. In addition, I am also passionate about my work and I believe that passion translates into results. I really love what I do. Let me give you an example…”


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