First-year engineering students should note this

First-year engineering students

As soon as a student gets into an engineering institute, the focus in his or her surroundings remains on job placements. Nobody ever realizes that there are other important aspects to him as well. You probably want answers to these questions if you’re pursuing B-Tech.

Is English fluency important for an engineer?

Despite of the diversity of languages in India, First-year engineering students should be fluent in English as a first language.

“English is vital for them to step into the job market,” says Sarchit Batra, third year B-Tech student of NIT Agartala. Sachin shares how senior students suffered when they got rejected by companies during placement interviews because of ‘inappropriate’ English skills.

English is one of the six official languages of the United Nations. Often when people from different regions meet, their common mode of communication is English. It acts as a channel for an engineer to gain knowledge about the developments in his field and also of the larger world.

“There are many engineers in government jobs who are doing exceptionally well with little knowledge of English. Also, there are some who are better than literature graduates. English will make your profile look more attractive,” says Himanshu, a BTech student at IIT-Delhi.

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How can you improve your English language skills?

Many engineering institutes have been adding communication skill subjects-sets in their curriculum. They emphasis on presentations and seminars and treat them as a part of the course.

Prateek Shah, an alumnus of Bharati Vidyapeeth, said that his college had such a subject, and students regularly had to give presentations and case studies to polish their interpersonal skills. Some alumni and external faculty members were also invited to help First-year engineering students with personal interview and group discussion preparation.

Similarly, in K J Somaiya College of Engineering, Mumbai, there is a language lab that trains students in spoken English. Also, importance of English, mannerism, body language is discussed.

If one can’t speak and present well, it practically stuns one’s growth prospects. Since there are so many engineering colleges across the country and most prospective employers are MNCs, there is a surge in demand to improve English language skills.

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Especially for vernacular medium students it is important to have an appropriate skill set as required for the chosen profession.

PS: In some rare cases, it’s been found that students who gave their entire job interview in Hindi were chosen too. But such incidences are quite rare!


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