Extremely Useful Tips That Can Help You Crack GATE

Crack GATE

Here are some Extremely Useful Tips That Can Help You Crack GATE

  1. Alternate Pattern is a decent study approach :

Prepare for sections- Engineering & Mathematics and Computer Science & Information Technology alternately so you don’t lose touch with any of them. Both sections are equally important to crack GATE. You shouldn’t lose grip on any topic, especially at this critical point of time.

  1. Get a strong hold on Mathematics:

Engineering Mathematics can be nerve-wrecking for some but as long as you are adept with the basic concepts, it is no tough job.

This is one section where you can score quite high once you get a hold of it. Prepare a revision list with every concept that gives you a hard time and keep revising them. This does not mean you can slack off on the concepts that you are already proficient with. Revise every bit until you feel confident that you get past GATE, and then revise some more!

  1. Be discipline head-strong :

Discipline plays a crucial role in exam preparation. While you do everything, try adapting to a routine and follow it religiously. Make a well-planned timetable that divides your time among different subjects. Also allow sufficient time to rejuvenate your mind and body, don’t exhaust yourself. This will certainly make a big difference in your overall preparation.

  1. Target your weaknesses:

Draft a list of your weak areas and concentrate on these topics until you feel confident and you are able to solve problems on these topics.

  1. Practice!:

There is just one rule of thumb to follow: if you wish to crack GATE 2015, Practice! Practice as much as you can until you are well versed with every topic. Here are a few steps that will help you:

Step 1: Give a mock test

Step 2: Evaluate your performance

Step 3: Mark your weak areas

Step 4: Practice and Revise these areas

Step 5: Go back to the step one and repeat again

  1. Go back to the basics:

Always remember every tall building stands on its foundation and basics of every subject should be your foundation on which you build your knowledge. To have a proper understanding of Computer Science and Information Technology basics, refer to the BCA curriculum material or class 12th books. They are your best resources to understand the basics and would definitely help in clearing the doubts.

  1. De-clutter your notes:

First of all, never confuse CSE with IT. Keep everything sorted topic wise and move ahead by the level of difficulty. Keep all your study material organised in various stacks. Label them for easy access whenever required. You won’t need to go through all the stuff every time.

  1. Assess your preparation:

 Mock tests are easiest and the most efficient way of assessing level of your preparation. Taking mock tests is not about finding how much you will score in GATE, it’s about how much you can improve while there’s time. Be sure about analysing your performance and looking into your weaknesses that are losing you marks. Mock tests will you an opportunity of self-assessment. It would be better if you appear for GATE mock tests well ahead of the examination date so that you have a lot of time to focus on your weak areas.

It is equally important to develop the habit of taking tests. More you are comfortable and familiar with the taking test, better would be your performance on the test day. Joining an online test series can do wonders for you. It will also help you in avoiding any surprises on the test day.

  1. Interact with other GATE aspirants:

Take active part in discussions on various social media platforms and forums related to GATE Computer Science and discuss different aspects of the exam with the fellow aspirants. A conversation on different topics, solving tricky questions together can help you to look at various perspectives of those questions that make you sweat. Discussing or solving previous exam papers in a group study format or chatting over video calls can also help you prepare well.

  1.     Plan your exam:

It’s almost impossible to escape the on-the-spot exam pressure and the vulnerability to make silly mistakes; but you can try to put in your best efforts with every little step:

  1. Read each question thoroughly, read it twice, if possible. Then calmly move on to solve the problem step-by-step.
  2. If you are unsure about some question, skip it. Skipping a question is a better than losing marks in negative marking.
  3. Attempt numerical questions that you aren’t sure about only if you have some time in hand.

The most vital trait you should have, to crack this examination, is calmness. Make sure you maintain necessary coolness and calmness.


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