Tips for Sales Professionals to get the perfect job

Tips for Sales Professionals

Job situation for sales professionals in our country is gradually improving. But the companies are willing to hire optimistic executives and let go off the under-performers and hunt for better talent. Here are few Tips for Sales Professionals to get the perfect job :

Clean up your resume

Don’t stretch out too much on your resume. As a matter of fact, more than 60 per cent facts about the candidate in the resumes of salespeople are not truthfully represented. The wrongly presented facts include overstated titles, erroneous dates for covering gaps in employment, team accomplishments credited only to the applicant, etc. Misrepresentation on a resume calls for on the spot ground for rejection.


Read about the company before appearing in interview

No matter how hard you are being pursued by the recruiters, it’s still worth few minutes of your time to talk to someone from that company. You should also spend some more time to delve into that company, their domain, and the person with whom you will be communicating.


Position your negatives

Everyone has weaknesses and we all should have the audacity of accepting the reality. Many candidates get rejected every year since they can’t admit that they had any weakness (which is a weakness in itself). Portraying strength as a weakness also doesn’t really work either. For example, “One of my weaknesses is that I am too strong-minded when it comes to accomplishing tasks and making crucial decisions.” Such declarations incite some recruiters into thinking, “What do you think, I’m brainless?”


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