Let’s analyze the “career gap”

career gap

By carrying out this gap analysis you get a clear insight of the difference between where you are today and where you want to be. With the completion of this analysis you will have a better plan of how to fill up the prevailing gaps. Once you identify the gaps you’ll be able to prioritize them accordingly. This analysis can be carried out in different manners such as structured approach, in an unstructured approach or use a blend of both techniques. Try opting for the structured analysis, rest you can go for whatever appeals to you.

While you try analyzing your career structure you may come across many areas where you’ll spot gaps. But you have to particularly pay attention to two vital gaps:

  1. Position gaps
  2. Competency gaps

A blend of Position gaps and Competency gaps will endow you with:

  • A proposal of how immense the career gap is amid your at hand position and your potential position
  • What competencies for example, exceptional skills, knowledge and experiences you will require to work in that position.

You need to ask yourself the subsequent questions and write down your opinions on your career gap analysis page:

  • How much do I know on the subject of the position I am aiming for?
  • What sort of work will I be expected to do in that specific position?
  • What will be my key roles and responsibilities?
  • What type of aptitude or comprehension, skills and qualification will I need to mull over for that position?
  • What type of competencies or knowledge, skills and experiences will I need to be successful in that position?
  • Are there any distinctive skills like unique technical skills or verbal communication skills that I will need in that position?

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