Top 10 prospects in BPO industry

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Top 10 prospects in BPO industry

BPO or business process outsource as the name suggests is the sourcing of business outside. Many developed nation’s huge organizations handover some of their work process in developing countries like India. BPO sector is very promising and it has helped a lot to eradicate unemployment from India. Here is the list of Top ten BPO companies in India which are considered the best employers in providing BPO jobs.

  1. Genpact: It is counted in one most top BPO’s. Genpact annual turnover is 503 Million Dollar and provides employment to 60,000 plus people. One of the basic reasons that Genpact is counted among top most BPO’s is that it provides one hundred percent customer satisfaction.


Working in this organization is like a dream come true as you are working on a Global platform.

  1. TCS or Tata consultancy services: TCS is a BPO concern of Tata group. It is specialized in providing consultancy to clients. TCS has many branches located all over India and it is providing employment 33000 plus employees. Annual Turnover of the company is 11.51 Billion Dollar. TCS takes good care of employees and provide the best working environment.


  1. Aegis limited: Aegis limited has secured the third place with 55000 plus employees across all the branches in India. An employee gets innumerable prospects to grow in this organization.


  1. Wipro BPO: It is counted in some of the most influential business process outsource companies in India. Annual turnover of Wipro is 6.88 Billion Dollars with 21000 plus employees. Wipro BPO deals in IT, business consulting and outsourcing. Wipro is the best organization to work with.


  1. IBM Daksh: It started providing its services in BPO sector in the year 2010. IBM Daksh provides its services in process driven back office functions like human resource, customer relationship management, supply chain management and procurement.


  1. Aditya Birla Minacs: The best part of Aditya Birla Minacs is its turnover, which is a round figure of 438 Million Dollars. This target is achieved with of 20,000 plus employees. They provide their services in manufacturing, banking, financial services, insurance, telecom, high technology, media, entertainment, media and healthcare as well. They have not left a single stone unturned.


  1. WNS Global services: This business process outsource is globally recognized and they are dealing in every sector from Back office to customer relationship management, from knowledge process to admin. They have the solution for every process. WNS global services with a workforce of 25000 plus employees are able to achieve the turnover of 436 Million Dollars. WNS believes in creating friendly and energetic atmosphere for its employees.

Employees work on floor of outsourcing company WNS in Mumbai

  1. EXL Services: It came in to picture in the year 1999. This company is now a giant organization with 21000 plus employees and an annual turnover of 495 Million Dollars. EXL services is a provider of decision-analysis, operation management, outsourcing, business transformation and IT services.


  1. Infosys: The name itself says much. It is one a kind and the best in trade. All the figures involved in this BPO are huge. You can anticipate the fact from its turnover, which is 580 Million Dollars and in total 140000 employees are working in all branches. They are the largest generator of BPO jobs. Infosys gives fair chances to its employees to showcase their talent.


  1. Serco Global services: This Company is a BPO of Indian origin, but its branches are located all over the world. They deal in facility management sector. With an annual turnover of 7 Billion Dollar it stands on the tenth position.


BPO sector is full of opportunities. All you need to do is explore and search for your dream BPO JOB.


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