Mistakes made by Recruitment Managers

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Mistakes done at the time of recruitment can cause loss to management in many ways. Vati solutions recommend avoiding following mistakes while recruiting the candidates for specific job role:
Avoid framing too much criteria for selecting the candidate
This is one such common mistake which recruitment managers tend to do often. Many of the well structured selection process are over burdened with the number of selection criteria which often makes it difficult to find the appropriate candidate who can fulfill all the terms and conditions being framed. Selecting candidate who fulfills 100% of the criteria is difficult to find.
Hiring wrong candidate on urgent basis
There might come a time when your firm needs to hire a candidate on the urgent basis and at that time the recruitment manager must carry on the process wisely to select the right candidate which often does not happen. In the time of emergency, they select the first candidate whom they think can work for the particular position and ends up by hiring the wrong candidate with average performance capacity.
Hiring on the basis of referral
Even the best placement consultancy or the company with the best recruitment policies recruit the candidates on the basis of referral which most of the time becomes the wrong decision taken. Considering the candidate on the basis of referral is not bad until and unless the interviewer does the mandate verification about the skills, knowledge and the experience of that person.
Vati provides efficient and effective flow of candidates to help your organization in getting the right talent. Trust us for screening, scheduling interview, coordinating and handling the right pool of candidates.


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2 thoughts on “Mistakes made by Recruitment Managers”

  1. Tasolutions says:

    Good Post. thanks for sharing it. It is really helpful to every recruiting company. T & A Solutions is chandigarh based job consultancy offer best services to both employers and job seekers.

  2. Hiring should be done wisely says:

    Recruitment for any company is a costly affair and its a necessity to be very careful while hiring. Employees are the backbone of any company and their efficiency and dedication counts a lot on the organization. Its the talented manpower that determines an organization’s success.

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