Fake Indian Universities Students should be Beware of

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Fake Indian Universities, fake universities of India

Boards are over. School graduates and their parents are hurrying from college to college to grab brochures, forms and to take tours to select the best university. The quality of education matters, which is why the University Grants Commission was established. The UGC maintains the quality of education and roots out bogus educational institutes that grab money instead of providing quality education. Here’s list of the Fake Indian Universities that UGC banned. Be cautious, everyone!

 United Nations University, Delhi

What do they teach the students here? World peace?

 Commercial University Limited, Delhi

These guys took the money-making too literally. Your career options are ‘limited’ once you graduate from Commercial University Limited.

 Vocational University, Delhi

Irony died a thousand times when they decided to add ‘vocational’ in the name of the university.

 Raja Arabic University, Nagpur

It seems the Sheikh version of Govinda is the chairman of this elite university. 

 Nababharat Shiksha Parishad, Odisha

If you ever landed for a course here after spending your precious money, pray to Lord Jagannath.

National University of Electro Complex Homeopathy, Kanpur

The name raises a lot of eyebrows. Not a wise strategy since the ‘alternative’ is already a debated system.   

St John’s University, Kishanattam

The god’s own country, which is also the most literate state in the country isn’t free from conning institutes.

Indian Institute of Alternative Medicine, Kolkata

There it is again… ‘Alternative medicine’. You’ll need to find an alternative career path if you get your degree from this institute.

Gandhi Hindi Vidyapeeth, Prayag

Frauds also believe that using Gandhi’s name will exempt them from scrutiny. Little did they know that UGC doesn’t care about the initials of the university.  

DDB Sanskrit University, Trichy

DDB probably stands for Deep Down Below. Because that’s where it stands in terms of education, provided they even offer in that.

Found new fake Indian universities? Let us know!  

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