Pilots and Their Mental Health Test

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Undeniably, the profession of a pilot appears quite exciting and a lot of us get curios to know what it takes to become a pilot! Well, apart from mandatory qualifications, hard work and commitment, a person also requires to be in good state of health- both mentally and physically. Selected candidates need to go through an intricate process to show that they are psychologically fit to occupy the post of a pilot.

 Each and every time when a candidate goes for the medical, he or she will have a casual talk with a medical counselor. These doctors/counselors are specifically trained to spot hints from the general talk. In just a few minutes the doctor/counselor would be able to judge if the contender is appropriate for the flying job or not.

Before getting to fly a plane, a pilot would have to go through several tests and inspections in order to prove his/her physical and mental fitness. In the course of this testing phase the assessor gets to know the candidates impartially well and he is also accomplished enough to judge that a specific candidate is not psychologically strong to bear the pressure of this job.

The job of a pilot is risky and challenging. From time to time in the case of emergency a pilot needs to make rapid decisions and several lives of the passengers would be hooked on his decision. So this indicates that a pilot must be smart and he must have quick decision making abilities.

Professionals from aviation service providers like Airport Wings reveal that the assessors also try to identify if the applicant is suffering from the mental strain because of any occurrence that might have happened in his or her life- for example: demise of a dear one, financial issues or any other upsetting accident or incident that may have left a deep influence on the mind of the person.


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