Fresher’s Interview Tips for Fashion Designing

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Freshers career advice for fashion fashion designing

Be it an absolute fresher or experienced professional, all are determined towards having that ultimate dream designing job. At times, the design interview process may appear to be a nerve-racking web of challenges that can set you off for applying the job. But this should not become a hindrance for your career in the design industry. There are many efficient recruitment companies like Bharat Employment that offer great career guidance for freshers as well as experienced candidates. Explore their career assistance, access interview and tips that will surely help you to tackle the challenges. If you think you have it in you what takes to become a good designer and you deserve that job- let us take you through a quick rundown of fresher’s interview tips for fashion designing to both landing the interview and getting through it.

Don’t be shy

You won’t find every job advertised though various mediums so you’ll have to be vigilant. Try to make as many connections as possible. You can probably connect with professionals of this industry on various social platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. You can also interact with other designers on sites such as Digg and Design Float who can provide you with free marketing and help you out to get your work out there.

Get involved

Creative studios are typically very social and they are keen to share their successes. Follow their blogs and tweets, and write down insightful comments by way of an introduction. Prior to your design interview just randomly try to align with people from this stream on LinkedIn; join their groups and interact.

Sell your skills appropriately

Studios are always in hunt for candidates who can affix some new to their business, but not at the expenditure of what they essentially expect out of you. Portray your additional skills as an excellent way to add value to the company in future.

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